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Sessions Music Series...

The idea behind my music series 'Sessions' came from an outgrowth of the many jam sessions I’ve participated in NYC over the past few years. The fun aspect of creating music on the fly is you never know what will happen! Some wonderful musical ideas come out of nowhere, while others fall flat. But that’s the excitement of collaborating with musicians you’ve never worked with before. Everyone has something unique to say musically, while at the same time everyone is vulnerable trying to express it. And foremost, it is an educational process for those playing the jam.

Each episode of 'Sessions' features a group of musicians, many of whom never performed together or even met one another, put together an arrangement of a song on the fly in about an hour and then record the song, with the hope that something musically meaningful comes out at the end. 

"It's the group sound that's important, even when you're playing a solo. You not only have to know your own instrument, you must know the others and how to back them up at all times. That's jazz." - Oscar Peterson

< episodes 1  - 10 >
Episode 1  
'My Foolish Heart'
written  by Victor Young & Ned Washington
Matt Baker - piano
Nick Brust- alto sax
Malik McLaurine-bass
Episode 3 
'Once I Loved'
written by Antonio Carlos Jobim, lyrics by Vincius de Moraes and English lyrics by Ray Gilbert
Steve Nelson - guitar
Giacomo Tagliava - bass
Episode 5 
'I've Got You Under My Skin'
written  by Cole Porter
Josh Evans - trumpet
Michael Bond - piano
Noah Jackson - bass
Henry Conerway III - drums
Episode 7 
'The Old Country'
written  by Curtis Reginald Lewis & Nat Adderley
Ray Parker - bass (left)
Elias Bailey - bass (right)
Episode 9 
written  by John Mayer
Tyler Anderson - tenor sax & djembe
Episode 2 
'Sometimes I'm Happy'
written  by Vincent Youmans & Irving Caesar
Kelly Green- piano & vocals
Episode 4 
'Thou Swell'
written  by Richard Rogers, lyrics by Lorenz Hart
Charlie Himel - bass
Episode 6 
'Can't We Be Friends'
written  by Kay Swift
lyrics by Paul James
Fima Chupackhin - piano
Chris Talio - bass
Episode 8 
'Teach Me Tonight'
written  by Gene DePaul
lyrics by Sammy Cahn
Tuomo Uusitalo - piano
Adi Myerson - bass 
Episode 10 
'Winter Wonderland'
written  by Felix Bernard
lyrics by Richard B. Smith
Ben Barnett - trombone
Jonathan Beshay - tenor sax
Vladimir Katz- piano
Karl Kohut - bass
Cedric Easton - percussion
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