Album Reviews/Features 

"‘Flicker’ is reminiscent of both jazz and R&B, and the easy sounds coat the ears like honey. Listeners are able to connect easily with ‘Flicker’, and will find themselves mesmerized! "- Gas Mask Magazine

' "Flicker" takes us on a captivating ride, marked by lush instrumentation, various music influences and rich vocals.' - Stereofox

"Seductively mad. Madly innovative. Innovative-ly progressive... she does it in style and pushes art-pop into new heights" - ComeHereFloyd

"Stronger is a master class of music at an infinite level...." - Global Money World

"Perception is driven by her love of innovation in music." - EARMILK

"All in all, this is one of those albums you put on and listen to from start to finish because there are no weak tracks." - LA Music Critic 

"Perception, covers a lot of musical territory with originality and grace." - Hot House Jazz 

"Indie-voiced Kristina Koller mixes jazz and bohemia on this clever collection of originals and this lady touring with this band? Gotta see her!" - JazzWeekly

" Kristina Koller has a fearless musical curiosity that leads her to blend all sorts of elements together into a variety of fresh sounds, and sing over them with complete assurance and ease." - Jerome Wilson at All About Jazz

"It's clear she's off to a great start being a nu diva for nu times." - Midwest Record

"Behold the arrival of a great new talent."- C. Michael Bailey at All About Jazz